The Cycle Study

We want to improve the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease in women. Therefore, we are investigating whether females hormones have an effect on cardiac symptoms. Registration for the study has been opened.


During the menstrual cycle, endogenous female hormones fluctuations occur. The association between conditions such as migraine and menstrual cycle are well known. Although it is known that cardiac symptoms can be cyclic, the prevalence of menstrual cycle-related cardiac symptoms and its implications for diagnosis and treatment remain unclear.

We will perform a prospective cohort study in premenopausal women presenting with cardiac complaints recruited from cardiology out-patient clinics, GPs and women who are informed of our study via social media.

Women are eligible to participate if they have a regular menstrual cycle and have cardiac symptoms (palpitations or chest pain).

These women are asked to keep an electronic diary for at least 2 months to record episodes of cardiac symptoms, including information of the nature of their symptoms, triggering factors, and menstrual cycle. Also permission will be asked to obtain further medical information from their treating physician about diagnosis of arrhythmias in women with palpitations and diagnosis of coronary artery disease in women with chest pain.

This will be the first study to quantify the prevalence of menstrual cycle-related cardiac symptoms in premenopausal women. Moreover, we can report whether these cyclic symptoms can be verified with objective diagnostic abnormalities. This knowledge can guide patients and cardiologists to improve diagnosis and treatment of symptoms by for example using  prophylactic medication during the menstrual period or with continuous hormonal strategies to avoid hormonal fluctuations.


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